19 year old Consumable/Manufacture/Service business NET $855,519 SOLD

Industry: Consumable supply
Price: $2,800,000 SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $855,519
Age of Business: 19 Years
Days per week: 5

Located in the Northern suburbs, this business, soon to turn 20 years old, is the leader in its field here in WA for supply of consumables and service in this industry.

With limited competition, small amount of staff required and only open 5 days, Monday to Friday this could be the perfect business for you.

Products are easily learnt, the customer base is growing organically and with a full time manager in place the owner works part time and spends plenty of time on the golf course!

With a 200 strong database of clients, this business makes a substantial net profit and requires a small amount of stock holding in relation to the turnover and profit that it generates.  The report will outline the breakup of clients in relation to the turnover which demonstrates minimal risk if you were to lose clients for any reason.

There is potential for growth in many areas including the ability to import products and raw materials directly to improve the GP.

  • Long standing well established business
  • Not much competition
  • Under semi management
  • Owner working minimal hours
  • Owners can take time away from the business at no detriment
  • New management team in place
  • Opportunity to extend lease if necessary
  • Large even spread of clients - 200 plus client base
  • Low staff required
  • No weekend work required Mon – Fri only
  • Steady increase in sales
  • Potential for growth in many areas (more info in the report)
  • Opportunity to increase GP% by importing products directly.
Reference #: 1039
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


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