Absolute Lifestyle Business with High Return SOLD


Industry: Casual retail
Price: $150,000 SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $131,000
Age of Business: 5 Years
Days per week: Varied
ROI: 87%

No leases, no contracts, no set times to work but a great return on investment. Seems too good to be true right???

The answer is no, Mall Merchants is like no other, established 5 years ago the owner operates this business from various locations for approx. 7 months per year either from single or multiple locations.

The products are simple…books, diaries, cards and water. All are new!

Mall Merchants is operated from casual sites in medium to large Shopping Centres but no leases are required, no contracts in place, you simply choose your location from the ones available and trade for anything from 1 week to 1 year from a vacant store or a casual mall site. There are always sites available!

The model is simple and easy, either everything for $5 or prices as marked.

  • Absolute lifestyle
  • Net $131,468
  • Work 30 weeks per year
  • No lease commitments
  • Choose you own months, weeks, days to open
  • All staff are casual with no experience required
  • Choose the locations that suit you
  • Easy and simple to run
  • Perfect timing to prepare for the Xmas trade
  • No waste
Reference #: 1055
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


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