Mobile tool wholesaler, 4 days on road. NET $152,192 (SOLD)


Industry: Tool wholesale
Price: SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $152,192
Age of Business: 9 years
Days per week: 4 on the road, 1 day in home office
Goodwill: $140,000
Stock: $30,000 (approx)
Plant & Equipment: $50,000
ROI: 69 %

Working just 4 days per week out on the road, this growing business supplies tools to the mechanical businesses located south of the river between Welshpool and Mandurah. These include, mechanical workshops, dealerships, mobile mechanics, and basically anyone who require tools!

Started back in 2004, the business has been growing every year. There has been no need to spend money on advertising other than the website as there has always been a constant flow of work.

The current owner operates the business from a home office so no overheads for office or storage space is required

Highlights of this business include:-

  • No weekend work
  • Well established clients and scheduled run
  • Low debtors
  • Low overheads (home office)
  • Good cash flow
  • Choose your own hours
  • Opportunities to put second truck on the road
  • Fully fitted out sign written vehicle included with the sale complete with approx. $30,000 of stock
  • Individually owned so no franchise fees
  • Flexibility with the location and schedule to suit your own requirements
Reference #: 1029
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

Specialised Automotive Workshop (owner not a mechanic)SOLD

Industry: Mechanical
Price: $475,000 SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $301,238
Age of Business: 22 Years
Days per week: 5
Goodwill: $382,885
Stock: $55,000
Plant & Equipment: $37,115
ROI: 63%

This South of the River specialized yet simple mechanical business operates from a very clean and modern workshop.

With only two staff members, the business enjoys a steady flow of customers throughout the year and closes down for 2 – 3 weeks over the Christmas period.

The current owners role is merely in the day to day running of the business along with greeting customers and taking the phone calls.

There is still plenty of room for growth in this business (detailed in the report) and many benefits as below:

  • Excellent net profit $301,238
  • Simple specialised mechanical work
  • Owner works on sales and overall management of the business
  • Only dedicated business of its type in Perth
  • Maintainability of the business is not reliant on the owner
  • No specific skills required as an owner
  • Good location
  • Well established, good reputation
  • High percentage of repeat clients
  • Not location sensitive
  • Low staff component
  • Good diverse mixture of clients
  • 5 day week business (8-5, no weekend work)
  • The business can operate for reasonable periods without the owner present
  • Good reliable experienced staff already in place and wishing to stay after a sale has taken place
  • All systems and procedures clearly and precisely documented
  • Still huge room for growth/improvement/expansion
Reference #: 1022
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

Specialised Book Store (SOLD)

Industry: Retail and online Book Store
Price: SOLD
Reference #: 1019
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

SIMPLE Manufacturer (NO DEBTORS) Net $391,979 – 2011 (SOLD)

Industry: Manufacture
Price: $785,000 (SOLD)
Net Profit $ p/a: $391,979 (2011)
Age of Business: 7 Years
Days per week: 5.5
Goodwill: $565,500
Stock: $15,000 (approx)
Plant & Equipment: $204,500


This simple manufacturer was established in 2004 and is continuing to grow year by year. This business is extremely well organized with all systems and procedures well documented. This business is not reliant on the owner who can take long periods away at no detriment to the business. Core products include limestone pavers, bull nosing and blocks.

All customers pay a 50% deposit and all good s are paid in full prior to collection / delivery so this business has NO DEBTORS!

The yard has recently been extended to accommodate for a new shed being built. In the past the business has been using a building next door for storage. Once the shed is built, it will not only make for much better access and becomes more user friendly but will also reduce the rent by approx. $26,500 which can effectively be added on to your net profit.

  • Excellent increase in net profit each year
  • One working owner (general manager)
  • Purely simple manufacture, no installation
  • Huge room for growth
  • Some exclusive products
  • No specialist skills required
  • Maintainability of the business not reliant on the owner
  • Well established with excellent reputation
  • Good reliable staff in place
  • High percentage of repeat clients
  • Good lease in place
  • Diverse mixture of clients
  • 5.5 day week (only sales on Saturday morning)
  • Excellent systems, procedures and infrastructure in place
  • $204,500 quality plant and equipment included
  • Low stock holding (reduces working capital)

This business is priced at $785,000 all inclusive SOLD SOLD SOLD

Call now for a full report

Reference #: 1021
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


Industry: Service / lab testing
Price: $995,000 (SOLD)
Net Profit $ p/a: $310,829
Turnover $ p/a: $825,656
Age of Business: 18 years
Plant & Equipment: $820,000

This unique service business is involved in a particular type of laboratory testing with clients in WA, interstate and also overseas. The owner only work part time in the business as he resides outside of Perth. A new owner would not require any specialist skills other than managerial experience.

The owner has recently spent a significant amount of money on new equipment which will enable them to do more testing providing much faster results. This equipment is all included in the price of the business.

There is still a huge amount of growth potential in this business. It would suit anyone with managerial/marketing skills as to date this is what it is lacking. The staff members have the day to day operations of the business running smoothly however it would benefit hugely from someone who wishes to bring the business more up to date and realise its full potential. There is currently no manager in place and some of the administration work is outsourced

  • Established 18 years
  • Owner working very low hours
  • Specialised industry with very little competition
  • Customers are local, interstate and overseas
  • Owner is retiring
  • Huge repeat client base
  • Experienced long serving fully qualified staff members
  • Increase in turnover and profits each year
  • Huge growth potential
  • $820,000 +++ plant & equipment included (some of which is brand new)
  • Currently no marketing done at all
  • Owner will stay as a consultant if required
  • Cheap rent in existing premises

This business is available for $995,000 all inclusive (SOLD)

(Includes $820,000 Plant & Equipment)

Reference #: 1013
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


Industry: Coffe shop / Cafe
Price: $995,000 (SOLD< SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $368,491
Gross Profit %: 63%
Days per week: 5 days, no public holidays or weekends
Goodwill: $889.000
Stock: $6,000 (Approx)
Plant & Equipment: $100,000
ROI: 37%

5 DAY PER WEEK CAFE...NET $368, 491 (averaged over 3 Years)

This unique cafe serving, drinks and a selection of hot and cold food is situated in a very exclusive location with no competition.

There is also a service contract in place within the building to supply and maintain all of the kitchens and staff facilities within the entire building.

The owner works minimal hours (approx 9am – 2.30pm 4 days per week) and has capable reliable staff to take care of the day to day running of the business. She often takes extended holidays at no detriment or disruption to the business.

  • Open 5 weekends or public holidays!
  • Well established business with good reputation
  • No competition
  • Simple, easy products, no specialist skills required
  • Hot and cold foods served
  • Service Contracts in place within the building
  • Regular repeat clients
  • Owner works minimal hours
  • Good turnover
  • Great net profits each year
  • Excellent cash flow
  • No bad debts
  • Lengthy lease in place with options
  • Business not reliant on the owner
  • Good operating profit (not many add backs)
  • Some new equipment recently purchased

This unique business is for sale $1,100,000 all inclusive. (Sold, Sold, Sold)

Reference #: 1015
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


Industry: Patio Manufacturing
Price: SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $148,365
Turnover $ p/a: $838,477
Gross Profit %: 58.3%
Age of Business: 28 Years +
Days per week: 5.5
Goodwill: $213,000
Stock: $50,000 (approx)
Plant & Equipment: $72,000
ROI: 44.2%

The simple patio manufacturer has been around for many years and has built up a great reputation for service and reliability.

They have a good percentage of repeat clients (both residential and some commercial) and only operate 5.5 days per week. (Owner doesn’t work weekends)

  • Good increase in turnover and profits
  • Only 1 staff member required (admin)
  • Great location on a busy main road
  • Good lease in place, great size, location and options available
  • Nice display yard plus good sized workshop and offices
  • Still lots of room for growth
  • Additional products sold from the display yard including sheds, rainwater tanks, alfresco blinds, planter boxes, solar span roofing and wall panels and liquid limestone.
  • Owner working good sociable hours
  • Relatively easy products to learn
  • Same contractors working for the business over the past 20 years.

This business is SOLD

Reference #: 1014
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

27 YEAR OLD MANUFACTURER Net $207,780 ($226,051 to husband & wife team) SOLD

Industry: Manufacturing
Price: $475,000 (SOLD)
Net Profit $ p/a: $206,780 ($226,051 to husband & wife team)
Age of Business: 27 Years
Days per week: 5 days
Goodwill: $255,000
Stock: $120,000
Plant & Equipment: $100,000
ROI: 44%

Manufacturer...Very little competition...huge growth potential!

Net after adjustments $206,780 ($226,051 to husband and wife team)

This 27 year old business still has lots of potential not only in the West Australian market but also interstate and overseas.

They have recently signed up new supply agreements with an overseas company and constantly get enquiries from other companies to manufacture products for them too.

  • Monday – Friday business
  • Only 3 full time staff members
  • Very low competition...huge room for growth
  • Owner oversees the day to day running of the business, only occasionally works on the tools
  • New agreements in place
  • Increase in profits for 2010
  • Closed over Christmas for 2-3 weeks
  • Owners take regular holidays
  • New lease on premises

This business is for sale at $475,000 (includes $220,000 in Plant and stock)


For further confidential information please contact

Helen Sharman on 0448 899 947

Or email

Reference #: 1012
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


Industry: Wholesale Medical Supplies
Price: $2,200,000 (SOLD)
Net Profit $ p/a: $702,552
Turnover $ p/a: $5,897,367
Gross Profit %: Average 31%
Age of Business: 36 years
Days per week: 5 days Monday - Friday
Goodwill: $1,050,000
Stock: $950,000 (approx)
Plant & Equipment: $200,000
ROI: 32%

This 36 year old business is a rare find increasing in turnover and profits each year!

The core of this business is the supply of consumable (and some capital items) into the private and public hospitals throughout Western Australia. They also supply to medical centre’s aged care facilities amongst several other institutions that require medical supplies. The business is over 35 years old and the current owner has now decided to place his business on the market ready for him to move into semi retirement, however, he is willing to stay involved in the business for a lengthy transition period to should a potential purchaser require him to do so.

Even with his decision to advertise his business for sale, the owner is still continuing to improve the business. The business is constantly being updated and has an excellent reputation within the industry as being very reliable in relation to customer service and supply.

All is needed is for you to come into the business and take advantage of the investments already made.

Year to date figures show considerable increase on the same period last year and the forward orders are also looking very promising.

  • Sale Price all inclusive $2,200,000
  • Great central location, close to freeways with easy access to major hospitals.
  • Good regular customer base.
  • No manufacturing or importing involved
  • Quality assured company
  • Turnover $5m +++ in 2009 , increased over $800,000 in 2010
  • Net $702,552 - 2010 financial year end
  • $950,000 Stock included
  • 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)
  • Good solid management team in place
  • Increase in turnover 2010
  • Increase in profits 2010
  • Several $1,000’s of new equipment included
  • The freehold is also available for an additional $950,000.

For an in depth report on this business, please call

Helen Sharman on 0448 899 947


Reference #: 102
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

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