Café/bookstore beautifully presented NOR SOLD

Industry: retail/hospitality
Price: Sold
Age of Business: 7 Years
Days per week: 6
Stock: $45,000 (approx)
Plant & Equipment: $46,317

This beautiful bookstore/café is located on a busy corner in the Northern suburbs just 5 minutes from the CBD.

There is a strong focus on health and wellbeing throughout the store which attracts a regular repeat flow of customers.

An experienced retailer or someone with a hospitality background could identify the growth areas in this business and totally transform it.

The current owner works very minimal hours overseeing the operations but mostly the devoted staff members effectively manage the store.

  • Beautifully presented bookstore and café
  • Great location on busy corner
  • Nice neighbourhood
  • Good lease with options in place
  • 3 revenue sources, bookstore, café and events
  • Dedicated staff employed
  • Current owner working minimal hours
  • Room for improvement in all areas
Reference #: 1056
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now


Industry: Coffe shop / Cafe
Price: $995,000 (SOLD< SOLD
Net Profit $ p/a: $368,491
Gross Profit %: 63%
Days per week: 5 days, no public holidays or weekends
Goodwill: $889.000
Stock: $6,000 (Approx)
Plant & Equipment: $100,000
ROI: 37%

5 DAY PER WEEK CAFE...NET $368, 491 (averaged over 3 Years)

This unique cafe serving, drinks and a selection of hot and cold food is situated in a very exclusive location with no competition.

There is also a service contract in place within the building to supply and maintain all of the kitchens and staff facilities within the entire building.

The owner works minimal hours (approx 9am – 2.30pm 4 days per week) and has capable reliable staff to take care of the day to day running of the business. She often takes extended holidays at no detriment or disruption to the business.

  • Open 5 weekends or public holidays!
  • Well established business with good reputation
  • No competition
  • Simple, easy products, no specialist skills required
  • Hot and cold foods served
  • Service Contracts in place within the building
  • Regular repeat clients
  • Owner works minimal hours
  • Good turnover
  • Great net profits each year
  • Excellent cash flow
  • No bad debts
  • Lengthy lease in place with options
  • Business not reliant on the owner
  • Good operating profit (not many add backs)
  • Some new equipment recently purchased

This unique business is for sale $1,100,000 all inclusive. (Sold, Sold, Sold)

Reference #: 1015
Contact: Helen Sharman
Email: enquire now

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