Of all the businesses listed for sale, some buyers have more specific requirements when looking for that perfect business to suit them.

It may be that they are already in this industry and would like to grow or maybe you just have something they want or need.

For example
–    You may have exclusive rights to products that would suit their existing company
–    You may have the correct staff in place that they could incorporate into their business
–    It could be your premises/location that they are after
–    Maybe it’s your client base that is attractive to them
–    There could be huge barriers to entry to prevent them from starting a business in this industry.
–    Maybe your business is the best in its field
–    It could simply be that they have been looking and not been able to find what they are looking for

There are many reason, these are just a few.

There are also benefits to selling your business this way. We already have a keen buyer so your business could be sold in a much quicker time frame and without having to put it out on to the open market.

If you are a buyer looking for that specific business and would like some assistance in finding it or maybe you are a seller in any of the industries listed above, please contact our office for further information.

Currently we are looking for;

We are continually searching for:-

– Medical Supply businesses
– Wholesale businesses of all types
– Business to Business Suppliers
– School Supplies

Currently I have a specific client looking for a business who is dealing in natural stones, ideally dealing in granite, marble, travertine or limestone for use externally or internally. if you think this could be you, please contact me to discuss further.

I also have a selection of clients both here in WA and Interstate looking for a business within the medical wholesale  industry. The business would need to have systems in place with a good history of both turnover and profits and with room for potential growth/expansion. Please contact this office to discuss in further detail if you think this could be your business and you may be considering selling.


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