Thinking of selling?

We can offer you a free full written market appraisal and business analysis.

This will document everything from start to finish so that you fully understand the reasoning behind the suggested selling price of your business.

It will also include ideas of what we would do for you in regards to our target market when you list your business for sale with us.

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Please contact us to arrange an appointment, either at your place of business or to ensure confidentiality, our offices are always available for our meetings.

There would be certain amount of documentation that we would need to carry out this procedure and you can be rest assured that all information remains 100% confidential at all times.

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Your interests

We can also work alongside your accountant to ensure that your best interests are considered at all times.

To help maximise your selling price, documentation and attention to detail is imperative. This is where you can rely on Empire Business Sales to ensure maximum exposure to the people who count - prospective buyers and their advisors.

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How to sell your business

It is essential that you have your business as neat, clean and tidy as possible. By this, we don’t just mean aesthetically but from everything that the business entails, this of course means your paperwork, your staffing structure, your systems and procedures etc... This helps to create a good impression to a purchaser and builds a good foundation for a smooth transaction.

It is also important to remember that good systems and procedures reduce the risk to the business therefore increase its value however it is also very important to ensure that such procedures and systems are maintained otherwise they are worth nothing.

Maybe you are not ready to sell right now but would like a professional opinion on how to get your business ready for sale within the next year or two. We can help with this. You can rely on our free expert advice on any changes that could be made to enable you to achieve a successful sale down the line.


Well prepared documentation is imperative! If the business is valued correctly from the start with all the questions answered as thoroughly as possible, a smooth and successful transition shall occur. Documentation and reporting is a major part of the sales process with a strong emphasis placed on the precision and the presentation of the information.

You can rely on us to ensure this is completed to the highest standards by our fully qualified writers and graphics team. Please ask to see an example of a Sales Document.

Please note that we do not provide any documentation to a potential purchaser until a Confidentiality Agreement has been signed and the purchaser has been assessed for suitability.

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Some testimonials

  • "Recently after 42 years in business, I made the life changing decision to place my business up for sale.

    I am sincerely grateful to Helen for not only having achieved the full asking price for the business but for also assisting in sourcing a further considerable amount associated with selling work inprogress.

    Helen is a true professional, always responsive, well prepared and has a bulldog approach to achieve a result. Helen clearly works for the vendor and does not miss an opportunity to close a deal.

    I would have no hesitation in dealing with her again or recommending her to others".

    Paul Nicholls
    Perth Home Improvement Centre
    (Previous owner)
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